Sit down

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Funny, being silent in silence is new.
Being busy with work in a silent atmosphere,
Or being silent while in a busy atmosphere-
Has been our way, our default gear.
But being silent in silence is new.
But perhaps, an invigorating one, like dew.

We were flying life in auto-pilot;
Our body and mind were flying high,
But our soul needed a sigh.
Divine interruption perhaps, and we are here.
In dark times like these, battling many a fear.

It’s still a beautiful world.
Buddy, let’s take a step back,
Calm down. No running, no track!
Put our comprehension and heart
to mend what is sore;
Perhaps, live life a little more.

Sit down and take in,
Not the Netflix play,
But what nature has to say.
Take in, the flutter of colored curtains,
the stillness of a sunny day.

Sit down and think,
Not ‘what next?’,
But how those days were.
Reminisce the bygone childhood,
Feasting on cotton candy, eclairs,
Rasna and that kind of food.
Relish the teenage and its amorous innocence;
When one thought about
the opposite gender with no sense;
When one discovered sexual tension,
Punished oneself for JEE or NEET selection.

Sit down and talk,
Not the kind of talk
Where we actually don’t talk-
Words emerge but don’t connect.
Not that.
The talk that’s real and candid;
Which flows no matter how crazy and stupid!

Sit down and be grateful,
Not only for the blessings you got,
But also for the battles, your family fought,
and came out alive.
Grateful, for the noble qualities you possess;
For the honey, your abilities can harness.

Sit down and laugh,
Not watching stand-ups;
But laugh, laugh over the fuckups,
Your younger self was a part of;
And which your current self
Still sometimes does;
Laugh over the rejections, silliness,
tragedies, embarrassments-
When your rationale didn’t give you
two cents.

Sit down and care,
Not only for the usual recipient, your lover;
But also for your childhood heroes-
your parents.
Try knowing them well.
In this busy life,
you might have neglected them;
Do not any longer, be the gem.
Know them well.
Because soon,
you will be a parent to your parents.
Give them the love they have given you;
Not impossible, at least try, what’s long due.

Sit down and just do,
Not your daily work;
But just do, just write, just sing;
Just revisit your long-lost hobby;
Just write, just sing;
Who knows, it might just be your thing.

Sit down and smile,
By not going out,
You can actually go a mile.
So, sit down and smile.
It’s not that bad after all;
After the winter, there will be spring;
We shall again stand tall.

Sit down and be patient.
These are trying times, but.
But don’t breakdown like the glass;
There’s so much you can do;
Remember, this too shall pass.

Being silent in silence will cease being new;
Sit down and it’s you.


14 Replies to “Sit down

  1. Exactly the things people need to hear in these testing times. You had me at “Sit down and care,
    Not only for the usual recipient, your lover;
    But also for your childhood heroes-
    your parents” -as this is what I have been doing since this self isolation period started. My father is a bank employee and just yesterday he came back from Kolkata(the place he has been posted in). Nothing made me more happy than sitting together as a family, having our meals together and discussing the problems we have faced together and the way we dealt with it. Like you said “Sit down and smile,
    By not going out,
    You can actually go a mile” ,will be doing just that. Will sit down and go miles, with family, with long lost childhood friends, with sibling and cousins. I always say, you have a way with words. Great job, Dibyajit!

    1. It’s always a powerful, positive nudge for me, when I get a detailed feedback from my readers. Thank you for taking out the time to communicate at length, what my writing did to you. 🙂

  2. I was lying down rather than sitting while reading it. Your poetry threw me back to my childhood days and after commenting I will again close my eyes and live those days. Thanks for explaining that rather than listening to stand up comedies if we revisit our own childhood pranks we will laugh out loud. Keep writing..

    1. Glad my poetry could transport you back to those innocent days. Thank you for always giving my writings a read. Means a lot.

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