Reading List #2 – Article Recommendations

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(In case you missed out the first one, CLICK HERE!)

The response to my earlier post has been overwhelming, to say the least. The prevailing general consensus on how the current generation is not tuned to reading proved inaccurate in my social circle; at least that is what I could infer from the tremendous response- some were curious about what piqued my interest on a particular topic while others wanted to know when I was going to publish another such list of fascinating reads. Well, it is here and now.

The beauty of the internet lies in the free flow of information that the present world enjoys. Earlier, information asymmetry which could result in lost opportunities and less fulfilling lives has now been replaced with a well-cemented symmetry, thanks to cheap data. What this implies is that the only thing which matters now is our curiosity, our hunger. However.

Unabated information consumption without sparing some time to process and think about it in depth is futile. So while I list down these fantastic thought-provoking reads, make sure you spend some time assimilating all that you learn on the way! (Even I am struggling with this! I would suggest you go for no-data periods, meaning, no internet usage for a few hours every day!)

Finally, here we go!

Happy Reading.

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