Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

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With money, we are most careful,
At valuing our time, we are often awful.

We work by setting targets and achieving them,
We don’t build habits, the real gem.

We are programmed to find solutions,
We aren’t encouraged to ask questions.

In multitasking, we take pride,
Deep focused work, we put aside.

Seeking pleasure round the clock,
Without satisfaction, we are okay to walk.

Chasing one to-do list after another,
Pause? look back? Why bother?

Doing only the urgent tasks is the priority,
Non-urgent important tasks make our identity.

We cut corners; savings, we respect,
Investing is optional, tax and inflation, we forget.

We master studying for Board/Entrance exam,
Reading to satiate curiosity- What is that ma’am!

Social media teaches us networking, one to many,
One to one connect takes time we don’t have any.

We are drawn to the ornate complexity,
We don’t believe much in simplicity.

Tweets, newsletters help us grow,
Books are good, but very slow.

We are enchanted by novelty,
To see beauty in routine is a rarity.

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