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              Meticulously directed and impact-fully entwined into a solid narrative, Dunkirk, the brainchild of the immensely talented Nolan is an one of a kind experience.


First things first, this was my first Nolan movie . Of course, I am prompting you to be a little gentle while discerning my right and wrong notes of reviewing.

Much unlike the event it displays, Dunkirk sails perfectly, along taut lines and ripples of intense fear, that speaks of what human cruelty is capable of and ironically what human strength can endure. Right from the moment go, you know it’s not your panacea – film making  aimed at escapism, neither is it a regular war movie . Instead, what you witness is a solid movie spanning three chapters – on air, water and land.

The movie is interested in telling what actually took place at Dunkirk -the absolute terror that the 4,00,000 Allied troops went through and how bravery in common men helped deliver the miraculous deliverance. It spares the viewers of the cringing faces as it doesn’t subscribe to the standard trope of war movies showing gore and mutilated bodies of brave men. Done with few dialogues, as is appropriate for such a grave situation, Dunkirk is quietly balanced between ambition and sentiments. It doesn’t boast of any central characters and their characterization-curves but dares to let the characters walk along slowly through the near-perfect run-time of the movie.

The nerve-wracking score elevates the feeling of urgency that drives the movie forward . You sit in the pin drop silent – hall swinging your mind with emotions of utmost fear, uncertainty and pale hope, similar but less severe to what the stranded soldiers at the Dunkirk beach experience. The actors do a fine job. If minutely scanned, my only complaint would be that it gets a tad repetitive in the middle portions but surely, it is no major hiccup .

Little yet sensible decision of addressing the Nazis as the enemy helps, in these sensitive times of digital proliferation. Watch Dunkirk for it’s worth your precious time.




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