Like a breeze

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Like a breeze, you touched all of me
cooling and comforting my sweating soul.

Blithely, we strolled with no goal.
Akin to absolute joy, something I felt,
all fortresses happily did melt.
My heart welcomed your affection,
cozying you up in its warm mansion.
Endlessly ecstatic to find a companion in you,
my whole being knew it had to be you!

To copy TFIOS-
I fell for her,
the way you fall asleep:
slowly and then all at once.

In and out of bed, I chased you.
Pressing lips or hands, both equally heavenly.
Even the confluence of talks felt no less,
in the lap of your dense hair, a mess-
that you would correct or tie,
as soon as our love-making session would die.
But that wouldn’t.
It stayed on in me, lingering almost, for a lifetime.
The tastiest aftertaste in my 20 years on planet blue.

Rain, the many tiny drops of love,
strips away the nature of its clothes,
giving it a new life, beautiful and fresh.
I was the rain to your body,
only the old, perfectly-shaped breasts,
with its continually standing ornaments,
were the same.
Docile and tame,
to my touches and tongue.
They were rich and smooth like a song.
I sang my best to the erotic tunes
with unmistakable undercurrents of insatiable desire.
But that damn sensation I got,
at the single feel of your bosom-
it could satiate the wild imagination of an ocean.
So majestic and gorgeous!

Eating with you and eating you-
both meant delicious affairs.
If time were kind, I would do both
every fucking single time!

In my arms when you shed tears,
a strong wave of love and rage would pass.
My chest swelled to a bigger frame,
that could put gym goers to shame.
In that moment I could do anything,
Any-Fucking-Thing to protect you.
Sometimes, that’s all a man knows about love.
I loved masking your face with my hands
and holding you close.
That way is probably how a man shows love.
But no other man. Only me.
I am a man.

With all the releases I had with you,
I was released each time,
from the shackles of this brutal bitch of a life!
It was then, I would think of you as my wife.
For a moment.
A fucking true moment, if there’s ever one.

Sometimes all I can think of,
is your lovely little feet.
How they would stack up carefully,
against my enormous thighs.
It’s crazy!

I want to write more.
I want to shout how I was absolutely in love!
I still am, and yet, so far from its subject.
But I guess, I will stop.
Heavy emotions distort a poem.
I see I haven’t rhymed or worse,
made any attempt at coherence.
It’s okay I guess.

Sometimes, you whispered,
a hushed word here and a shy smile there,
after a kiss or when naked.
That was all.
I could make a whole life out of it.

Like a breeze, you touched all of me.
Like a breeze, you escaped away.
I miss the breeze,
and its many wonderfully-colored, vibrant tunes!
They still whisper to my soul.


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