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( A poem for all the love we are capable of. )

Keep talking to me.
I find happiness in it.

Keep blabbering to me.
I don’t feel like hanging up anytime soon.

Keep exchanging opinions.
I don’t judge, aids me to nurture an open mind.

Keep believing in me,
I will believe too, that that day shall come.

Keep assuring and reassuring me.
whenever I am mortal and feeling low.

Keep showering all the good wishes on me.
I shall know, I have it in me to fly.

Keep being my honest critique.
I shall only improve.

Keep enhancing my fashion-wisdom.
It will save me many small decision-makings!

Keep ordering things for me.
Saves me time, but more importantly, I know I can rely on someone.

Keep singing, though horrible and impoverished.
It’s rich in spirit and joy to my ears.

Keep expressing love on my body.
I will never want anybody else’s expression.

Keep sharing the tie of friendship.
It restores my faith in life.

Keep being the way you’re.
I would love to preserve and cherish you.

Keep loving me.
Perhaps, it is all that I need.

Keep living.
And I will find a reason to live too.

Let’s just keep,
going, roaring and flying,


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