It So Much Depends . . .

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It so much depends on our bonding.
Now its bitter, the coldness that we are in,
The monotonous life, that sucks,
And of course,our leaves,that were never green.


It so much depends on our talks.
Now, its somewhere missing and the connection;
Never will be any low moment, I thought,
Irony but reality is, see, to where life has brought (Us).


It so much depends on our Sharing,
The “ Had dinner? s “ had so much caring;
Sans chat-moments of daily happenings, the day seemed a while,
Now, it all seems like a dream but futile.


It so much depends on Us.
Now, all we have – Our story of broken hopes,
Shattered dreams, unbriddled frivolity and of disrespect,
Of the dimming rays, fading charms and dilapidated castles .

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