in transit

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Waking up in the morning light
after a crazy party night,
you feel the mess inside you-
headache, sourness
and loneliness long due.
Your memory’s amiss,
you danced, but did you kiss?
Still in bed, you scroll the gram.
On WA, somebody’s asking for pics.
You’re too hungover to reply
but you open your gallery.
There are pics, candid and sly,
you see. You faintly recall.
Slowly, and then all at once.
What a night, what people, what dance!

You then scroll your IG profile
as you always do.
You come across that pic too.
From memories of last night’s dance,
you slide back to that promising glance.
Which once meant so much
which now means so little.
You take a moment to pour out
feelings of loss, what-ifs and self-doubt.
You slowly grow quieter.
You look in the mirror, you look funnier-
dishevelled hair, slightly swollen face.

It’s fine, you tell yourself.
A fresh start, a long week ahead.

Your phone rings.
It’s an old friend.
You talk a lot and laugh
like you haven’t in years.
Slowly, life’s changing gears,
you embrace.

Sometimes, you may fall into a dark space
but you embrace. 


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  1. Very much, thought provoking. Looking forward to get more such type articles. God bless you.

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