Hey, I am afraid

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First love is always special.(Penned on 30th November, 2017.)

I am afraid I am forgetting the tiny details
Of our togetherness.
Those were good ole days –
filled with your scent of love,
your hair and hands around me.

I look back at them and think,
what else could we have done!
I am faced with a blank verse.
We did what our desires wanted us to,
We lived without a second thought.
And sometimes I miss all of it.
I miss breathing spontaneity,
That told me of spring and vigour.
And I have come to a now
pale with lackadaisical flame
easy to douse, easier to forget.
Where have I been sweetheart?
Where have you been?
We were one, remember?
We are still!
Just the universe is playing silly,
But then we will be back.
Like spring after winter.
And when the withered nature blossoms again,
I shall be there to meet you.
Until then Goodbye sweetheart.
This wasn’t your place,
This wasn’t our time.
Hey, I am forgetting the tiny details.


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