Friends in the neighbourhood

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Coco and Poco were little puppies a while ago,
Handsome boys, Poco is clever, Coco more so.
Little I love them, generous amounts I get back,
It started last winter when I covered them in a sack.

The clink of my gate, and they come running,
Their movements, sprightly, their eyes, shining.
Like good boys, they wait for their turn,
When I am feeding them;
There’s a pure feeling in return.
When I don’t have anything to offer, I feel sorry,
But one look at them and they bite every worry.

When internet falls short, humans don’t care,
With Coco and Poco, I can have my soul bare.
An absence of words can sometimes be a bliss,
A quiet understanding envelops us.
Like a wet kiss.
Coco craves profuse patting,
places his paws on me,
Poco the patient one, likes to just be.

They sometimes fight, but no grudges are kept,
They lick each other after they have slept.
All for them is the present and how!
With them, for a brief moment, I am in the now.

A glimpse!

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2 Replies to “Friends in the neighbourhood

  1. Being a part of your life for so long now, I have had the chance to know Poco and Coco. This poem describes everything so beautifully. Much love to you and the squad!

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