10th January : Endearment, verve and food make up a happy day.

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     As I sit in my room now, wondering about how the day passed by, I am deluged with myriad emotions of joy and mirth.

12.00 AM – He is chatting with her after a brief but long gap. He’s happy, in a calm way. They are exchanging mundane talks laced with an invisible canvas of endless affection. They are clicking horrible selfies, she’s complaining that hers is so bad, while he is quite content seeing her. She throws a faint light on her suppressed anger but soon slips in to her composed state – This is how she is . And he likes that about her, not every time though. In some moments, he wants her vulnerability to breathe a little longer, so that he gets a sustained glimpse of her inner world.

They talk about songs, jio, exams and more, before wishing goodnights.

The Daytime :

It all started out seeming like a normal working day. I got ready for college, humming songs i was listening to, the previous night. In today’s case it was ‘enna sona’. I rode to college with Abhishek. One of the worst practices in a Govt. college is teacher not coming to the class on some days and today was one. We friends sat in the front row and chatted like anything. My foolish banters had my friends bursting into rows of laughter. We were literally guffawing .

Then around noon time, I went to the other block to attend an event that is, as it turned out, a beginning to a big ambition of our seniors to build an umbrella structure via ‘CET Mirror’, our college’s very own weekly that will empower the students surely. It is things like these that keeps up your energy.Also, a publication is a powerful agent of change.

As it’s sports time in college, we had intra-basketball matches. Basketball is my favourite game despite Virat being so irressistible and my favourite.  My team played two games, tasted victory in one. Particularly, in the first game that we won, I had many berserk moments . I felt like I was in school again, playing with that vigour that i always lacked for studies. I also played badminton.I so enjoyed it. I qualified to the second round but I know I am going to face a tough competition in it, much unlike the first one. And when all this play and sport ended, it was late, around 9 pm . It was chilly on my way back home.

I reached home, exhausted and wanting sleep. But it wasn’t yet the time to call it a day. I went with my sister and mom and bhaiya to the Bus station. Mom was leaving for work. On the return journey we decided to gift ourselves with something yummy and found KFC capable enough to satiate our craving, and of course our hunger. I had a great time.

As the car was cruising through the streets devoid of the usual chaos, I sat inside enjoying the spatter of cool air that touched my face and the distant noises and the happy throbs that weren’t from anywhere outside. My heart and mind sung in sync . I was a happy kid for once. And as I sit in my room now, wondering about how the day passed by, I am deluged with myriad emotions of joy and mirth. 


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    1. Ah! ‘She’ is a good friend I guess. A girl to be precise.
      More or less, it’s the feeling of love that sustains us.

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