Dear Reader

Welcome to my world. A virtual handshake and a hug. It is better now, yes? 

Well, if you believe in the magic of words, if you believe in the power of articulation, if you believe in the soothing impact of sharing and learning from experiences- Voila, you have come to the right place!

This blog has two main sections:-

  1. Creative Space
  2. Learning Space

The Creative space is where I let my imagination do the inking. It is fiction- poems and stories. But remember!

Fiction is sometimes more real than reality

I also sometimes love to pen down my life experiences hoping that you take some value out of them.

The Learning Space is my more recent endeavour- Let’s Learn Together

Every day, we learn something new. I am no exception.
The realization hit me- why not share whatever it is that I am learning!

Through this series of articles, I envision to do two things:-
1. Make my readers my co-learners!
2. Help my readers build an informed perspective on various topics

The target as of now is to share at least one learning piece per week.

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Happy Reading. Happy Learning.